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Hiccup’s POV

On our way to the Great Hall, Snoutlout suddenly placed his huge arm around me and whispered. “Dude, why do you always the one finding rare chick?”

“Must be my luck.” I smirked.

“But man, she looks so like an angel instead of a dragon, so pretty.” Snoutlout dreamed with that weird smile on his face.

“You are not thinking about taking her, do you?”

“Why not? It’s my first sight love.”

What?! Snotlout want to take Nin away from me?! No way! She’s mine and I found her first… but again… Seriously, what is wrong with me? I mean I finally have Astrid as my girl and now I had my eyes on Nin who I had just met this morning and now’s gonna be taken by Snotlout?!
Shaking my head to stop all those nonsense, I walked to Gobber who was eating by himself. “Hey Gobber, how’s your work lately?” I greeted.

“Nah~ just the usual, but the dragons really need to learn how to brush their teeth. Phew~ their breath are really stinks.” He answered as he recalled this morning work, repairing dozen of dragons with rotten fish breath smell. “What about you?”

“I found Nin this morning and since you are here, I want to introduce her to you.”

“Sure, so… where is this ‘Nin’? I don’t see any unfamiliar face behind you.” Gobber questioned as he looked behind me. Indeed, Nin was not there when I turned my back. Not only that, Snotlout was gone too. Unnecessary thought coming out from my mind, I quickly ran and look for them, hoping its not too late and didn’t realize Astird was following me behind.

Nin’s POV

I managed get away from this scary place. Getting to meet so many humans in one day is too much for me. All I need to do now is to go to Hiccup’s home, which is the only shelter I could hide… but… which way is his home?

While I was searching, my sixth sense tells me that someone is behind me and immediately bent down and use my tail, in one swish to hit anyone down. I looked and the human looks like one of Hiccup’s friends if I’m not wrong, I think his name is… “Snotlout?” that’s what I said.

“Woah! It this one way you greet people?” he said in pain. Getting back up and went towards me limping. I guess I went too far. “Relax, I’m fine. These guns are not just for the show you know.” He continued while showing out his two large arms while striking some pose.

But still, I hurt him and apologized and he just wave it off and told me its fine. After that incident I had just made, Snotlout then brought me back to Hiccup’s house as I requested. “Alright, here we are… I know we just met and you can’t handle too many people in a day. But if you need anything, just come and see me and I’ll come to you with open arms.” He said with a wink.

“Thank you, Snotlout. You very kind.” I smiled.

“You know… Although you are a dragon, but you are the first girl saying my name. Mostly girls here didn’t really care at all.” Scratching behind his back of his head shyly.

“I shouldn’t do that?” I asked, tilting my head a bit.

“No,no,no! It’s fine… I like it.” As he was saying this, Toothless came from behind and gave Snotlout a light push from behind. “Hey Toothless. Right on time! I need to go now so she’s all yours buddy.” Giving Toothless a pet on his head and went off.

“Where have you been!? You shouldn’t run away just like that.” Toothless said with lots of concerned in his eyes.

“I just couldn’t take too many people in one day. So I… I just want to go back here and rest.” I explained with my heads down.

“But then still, you shouldn’t run away like this.” Climbing up to the roof. “Come in.” After I had settled down on Toothless bed. “Want me go and get some food for you?"
“No, it’s ok…”

Too late, Toothless had run out to get some fishes for me. He’s really a sweet dragon. If it’s time, I don’t mind that if he want to be my mate. On the other hand, Hiccup was nice too. I know he’s a human, a Viking… Somehow, he gave me the feeling as if he cares for me. When he smiles, he gave me that fluttering feelings in me.

While I was on Toothless bed, thinking, all of the sudden, the door banged open which started me and appeared Hiccup, sweating and panting. He must have been running all the way here. The next action surprised me more; he gave me a sudden hug. It was a tight and yet warming one. “Thank God you are alright… I thought I had loss you. Don’t just run off like that.” His words were trembling and I could tell he was worried about me.

I didn’t reply as I was enjoying his embrace and was disappointed when he quickly moved away, blushing. “S-sorry! I –I didn’t mean anything! I’m just worried about you.”


“Huh?” looking at me with confuse looks.

“Just now… can do it again?” Hiccup blushed when I said that. “I don’t know why… but… it feels… nice.”

Without asking why, he opened his arms again and hugged me. That was an embrace I want… the embrace that I had lost since I was young. Now, it was found again. “Can we stay like this for a while? I want to memorize this.” I whispered and with a slight movement from him nodding, I smiled. “Thank you, Hiccup. It feels nice.”

Third P.O.V

Nin and Hiccup continued hugging each other for a long time. Each of their point of view, Nin was enjoying and memorizing the hugging moment she had lost while Hiccup’s face was flustered red but too… enjoying hugging Nin at the same time.
Both of them didn’t notice Astrid saw the whole thing, walking away quietly and angrily while Toothless who arrived with a fish in his mouth, passed by her didn’t know what makes her mad.
HTTYD Chp7: Feeling Love and Hate
Finally got the chance to upload this...
And now, the next coming chapter is the dangerous one... Because I am trying to edit them well
This gonna take a while and I had been busy all the time so I am not sure how to make my schedule fit.

Anyway enjoy this part cuz here, Astrid is really mad at you... And the next chapter will be the man and dragon talk. Why? Cuz Toothless and Hiccup has feeling for you... And just to make it clear, they seems to understand each other... Don't worry I will explain again on the next chapter too... :)

Hanamiya Makoto, AKA… Bad Boy. Always full of evil thoughts and plans. Everyone knows that he is a player who loves to see other people’s dreams get crushed and try to avoid playing match with him if possible. However, not what everyone knew that something… or should say, SOMEONE, could made him change into so out of character… and that someone, was you.

You are Seirin’s little mascot and you and Hanamiya started dating when he confessed to you after he had lost to Seirin. You remembered the time when he confessed to you, his face was flushed red and shaking a lot, very different character when he was in the game. You both knew each other since middle school and he was your senpai. All his dirty tricks he did were like a little kid’s pranks to you and you were always the one who could stop him. Why? Obviously, he loves you, that’s why he listened… Only when you ask for it.

When that time he confessed you, you… of course, saying ‘yes’. His face immediately filled with tears and you of knew he was acting so you just let him do the act because you think it was cute. Weeks passed, both of you were doing well and Hanamiya never did anything unforgivable things to you. He was like a spider wrapping around you like his prey, or should say... Protecting you, treasuring you and loving you with all his heart. He is just too happy to have you.
No one knows yet you were dating with that devil until one day, your Seirin friends decided to have a gathering at the park, playing basketball. You slowly approached to Riko. “Coachi~ mind if I ask you something?”

“What is it [Name]?” Riko questioned.

“Can I invite some of my friends to the gathering?”

“Sure… the more the merrier.” She smiled.

You thanked her about the invitation… But they never knew your friend you are bringing was your boyfriend and his teammates. On the day of the gathering at the park… the Kirisaki Daichi basketball team came. Every team member were shocked to see them here, did their coach invited them too? Nope… even Riko has no idea.

“Oi! Why the hell are you here!?” Kagami said in an unpleasant way.

“Oh~ Am I not so welcome here?” Hanamiya smirked. “But because my little [Name] invited me to come. I just could not say no.”

“[Name]???” The others repeated your name.

Then you came, running towards to Hanamiya and hugged him. He hugged back and planted a kiss on your hair, giving all the other shocking team a devil smile. Indeed they were all shocked, why are you hugging that guy?! They seriously wanted to know. “[N-name] you say invite some friends is them?’ Riko wanted to double confirm about you.

“Yup~ I hope you don’t mind I invited my boyfriend and his friends here.” You smiled while hugging him even tighter.

“Yo-your BOYFRIEND!? Him!?” The others shouted, totally couldn’t believe what they had heard.

“Why? Can’t let that the devil having forbidden love with an angel?” Hanamiya smirked. “Too bad, she is mine now, losers~”

Time skipped when everyone decided to have a group match, of course, your boyfriend joined in and they all were scared to have him as a team and as opponent. You were sitting on a bench, Riko and Momoi decided to ask about you and him.

“[Name], I want to know… did Hanamiya force you to go out with him?”

“Nope… that is my decision. I remembered that time when he confessed me during the Winter Cup time… he was all in red.” You explained while Riko and Momoi looked at you with their jaw dropped. “And also… he was my senpai since middle school… We both were in love at first sight.”

“Seriously!?” Momoi sweat dropped when she saw your face filled with love.

The game was about to begin, you quickly called your boyfriend to come to you and he came and bent down to your eye level while you placed your both hands on his cheek. “Have a friendly match OK? No dirty tricks OK?” you advised him.

“OK, anything for you.” He smiled giving you a peck on your lips and the match begins. From the beginning until now, Hanamiya had been playing honestly with everyone. No dirty tricks but cooperation. Everyone was surprised to see a big charge of him.

Hanamiya Makoto, AKA… Bad Boy. Always full of evil thoughts and plans. But, he always have a soft side when he is with you.


“Yeah! Win this game, Makoto!!” You cheered for him while he smiled and waved at you.

“How did you…” Riko stuttered, just could not believe what she saw.

“Mako always have a soft side only when I am with him.” You explained.


You sighed “Yup… Only when I am with him.”

“So that means… if you are not there, he will do dirty tricks again right?” Momoi said.

You sighed again as they knew your answer.
Soft Side For You Hanamiya X Reader (WR)
This is from my wattpad Just wanna share to those who dun have wattpad.
I actually dun want to share this because this is actually a request from the Wattpad reader and not from the DeviantART reader...

You know art thief and story thief is around us and I'm worried about this will happen to me too.
But then. I love sharing my story to you all and make you read my story happily... :)

So... I guess its fine as long everything its fine... :)
Fuzzy eyebrows, thick glasses, nerdy hairstyle…This is what you are. Moreover, to make it look worst pimples, especially during the teenager time, this is nightmare. Because of that, bullies begin. You were so ugly and all the girls made fun of you easily bully you and make rumors, saying that if anyone dates you, he himself will be ugly too. Of course, the boys believe and they stay as far away from you as possible.

You do not mind them making fake rumors, as long as you can study in peace then it is fine. Until one day…. Midorima Shintaro, a horoscope freak, a basketball player and a prince of Shutoku was standing in your way (Somehow, he is as popular as Kise too). You tried to pass by him but somehow, he would not let you go. People around me began to whisper and began to make the rumor even worst. “What is your sign? Nanodayo.”

‘Huh? Is he talking to me?’ you thought.

“(Y/N), what is your sign?” he repeated again, looks like he really was.

“Er… (Zodiac sign)” you answered.

“I see… Oha Asa said I need to get to know someone who I am curious nanodayo...You…are ugly, quiet and nerdy.”

What a straightforward comment and you almost wanted to punch him, however you did not want to make a scene so you just brush it off “Well, now you know. And also, it was very rude to say this in front of people but thank you for your insult.”

“But…” he interrupted before you leave. “You stand strong from these bullies, smart and kind to them, that’s why I want to know why you still be kind to them.”

You had no idea what does his words meant and you had no idea how you and him become friends. Every time he meets you, he will greet you and talk about his horoscope and your horoscope. During lunch, he will eat with you and chat with you about his day in class. During his practice, he will invite you to watch his practice and you will quietly watch him play and cheered for him. Finally, after practice, he will walk home with you.

Being with someone is new to you…it was so much fun and interesting. The laughter, the joy and the feelings. Yes… for the past few weeks you had to be with him, you slowly fell for him, he is like an angel coming down and rescue you from the loneliness. Feeling safe when you are with him.
But not for long.

You were pulled to one of the corner outside of the school and a group of girls surrounded you. “What business do you have with our Midorima? Why do you always following him around?” surprising there is a fan club for three-point shooter.

“I..I only with him because Oha Asa-” you explained but interrupted by a sharp sting on your cheek. It hurts, especially when they slapped you with their long fake nails, was it allowed?

“Do not lie! There is no such news about being friends with an ugly girl! Are you making up stories to get close to him!? Unforgivable!”

All you could do was to stare at the girls insulting you. One of the girls was about to give you another slap all of a sudden she was soaking wet. Screams began to occupy around you, wondering who had did such a prank. Looking around and you saw Midorima and Takao were playing with water balloons. Many water balloons. “Neh, Shin-chan, I only heard throwing beans to the angry ogry but I never heard about using water balloons.”

“Because using water balloons can ruin your make up and make you uglier than (Y/N),” Midorima explained and gets ready to make another shot to the girls and immediately all the girls run away, leaving you behind.

Midorima walked towards you and give you his hand to lift you up. “You lied about the Oha Asa.” You said with your heads looking on the ground, but you could felt he just nodded his head.

“I lied to you because I had my reason nanodayo.” You looked up and was surprised to see his face in red.” I lied to you about the Oha Asa… but I never lie about getting to know you better, I can lie about being friends with you…”

His words were still as harsh as usual but still hurt when he said that… All of a sudden, he pulled you forward and gave you a tight hug. “But I never lie about having this feeling towards you.”

You were shocked, then happy, then overjoyed. His feelings are mutual. You hugged back as your answered and both of you want this hug stays forever but…

“WAAHH~!!!” a loud cry coming from Takao surprised you both. “It is like watching a real beauty and the beast with opposite gender!!! Oh my goodness that was so touching!”
You smiled… He is right… Just like in the fairy tales.


“Neh~(Y/N)-chan… Have you ever try doing make up?” Takao asked. “Or at least get your hair done?”

“I do not know how… And my face quite sensitive to make up.” You explained.

“Don’t you worry… We will fix this.” Midorima said while taking out his phone. “Hello Kise?” I need your help.”

Time passed… at Kise’s studio.

“Midorimacchi. It is rare you ask my help. What happened? And since when you have a girlfriend?” Kise asked.

“None of your business.” Midorima said as he waited patiently for you to come out.

“All done~” the hairdresser came out. “She looks beautiful.”

Pulling you out, the three boys were amazed by your huge transformation; especially you have a set of beautiful (e/c) eyes sparkling like a star. Even you yourself couldn’t believe that was you.




“Midorimacchi…. I’m in love too.”

“Don’t you dare steal her from me nanodayo!”

“Ah ha ha ha ha! Shin-chan is been protective!”

What I say is true... OMG!!! My comic is finally gonna be in issue #4
I actually suppose to be in #3 but because of lots of people entering so they push my art at #4.
I don't mind... As long I am in then I'm good..

This ARC comic is all for those armature artist to join... which is a great opportunity for me to join.

And also... 2016 is close... means next year is a year of monkey...

Definitely I am going to draw monkey king...

Actually I already did... but not done yet and will not post it till next year...

So can't wait~! XD

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Pink Comish Info by YuikoHeartless

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The reason of the background is very expensive is actually depends on the scenery I will be drawing... If I think I can draw the background easily I will giveyou discount... :9 Hope this is ok... :) And also Note... I don't draw robots, vehicals and scenery yet... still not good at it... :P

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