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You are new in Kajio High School from the outside country. You think it was funny, asking why this school didn’t have any dance club. Asking permission from the principal and you are allowed to do your dance practice at the gym together with the basketball club, the only place which is available and enough space for one or three. In a week, they had prepared a small room at the corner with walls made of transparent glass, a bit soundproof but not fully covered the whole bass, curtains for privacy and two big mirrors to practice.

Never knew this school has what they called ‘money.’

With a permission form in your hand, you walked to the gym and surprised to see a group of girls blocking the front door. Didn’t know how but you managed to squeeze yourself into the gym. You spotted the person in charge and walked towards him. “Hello sir… I’m the new student here to see my dance room.” You greeted and showed him your form.

The fat… or should I say ‘fluffy’ coach looked through the form and nodded. “Yes, I had received a word from the principal. Although I do not agree to this but I have no choice.” He sighed and handed back my form. “Your room is ready at the corner. That’s the maximum amount we can give you.”

“Not bad. I thought you would give me just a mirror. Damn~ my uncle is the best.” I said and the coach gave me a confuse look. I quickly explained, “Oh, my mother and the principal are like good friends and he treated me like his own daughter…. Spoiled you know.”

He gave me an ‘oh’ looks and handed me a key. “Here is the key of the gym and your dance room and I hope your permission is not to use to see the model,” he warned.

“I heard about this ‘model boy’ in school, but do not worry, I had my eyes on the dance, not the pretty boy.” I thanked the coach and walked towards the room, All of a sudden, the basketball bounced passed me. I picked it up and looked at the ring where all the boys were looking at me.

“Excuse me, cutie, can you pass us the ball?” one of the guys shouted.

Going to throw at them, but I quickly turned and faced myself towards the wall and threw it hard. The ball bounced from the wall and flew towards the guy and caught it, but the force was too strong that the player fell backwards.  Everyone, even the coach was shocked. “Sorry, my bad!” I apologised and quickly went into the dance room. Didn’t bother to close the curtain I started doing something. And yea, a perfect straight line, 180 degree, lots of twists and turns all over my body. My flexible body had caught all the basketball players, especially the copycat, Rise Kyouta.

Kise POV

There was a girl I do not know, come and talked to our coach, did something crazy, and make Moriyama-senpai fell down. “Man, this is no ordinary throw, my hand cannot stop shaking.”
After he had calm down, we continued our practice and interrupted by another scene. The new girl did some stretching and wow, she was flexible…and attractive. Wait- why I am like this to her!? I don’t even know her… yet.

We began our break and the girl began her dance. We couldn’t hear the music since her room is soundproof-the dance was cute and a bit clumsy. I could see that she was not taking it seriously. Realising that she was just warming up, she then moved on to the new song and this time, her expression changed. Her face turned into a badass dancer in the battlefield, no, more like a professional dancer and that is when her music begins. When I said music, my whole player could hear the vibration of the music beat. It was so loud that as if her room were not soundproof at all.

She began to move. Her movement was powerful and badass, not like the previous one she had danced. Every movement she made become more powerful and faster, following to the rhythm of the song. One after another, she had dance five songs straight nonstop. When it was time for us to practice, our coach wanted her to volume down the music.

Once he opened the door, the bass turned louder and more powerful that almost send our coach flying. Holy shit! How she can handle in this loud music!? My whole body could feel the bass!
Poor coach… Seeing him shouting through the music must be hard for him… And luckily she heard him.

Your POV

I was dancing in my own world… Feeling free and powerful, like I can dance forever. Big Bang song is the best. All of a sudden, the music volume turned different. I looked behind and saw the coach was shouting while covering his ears. Couldn’t hear what he said, I walked and switched off the music. Realising that he wanted me to lower down the volume, I was annoyed at his complain. “Wasn’t this room sound proof!?” I nagged. “But your volume is too loud!”

Ugh~! Fine… I should take a break after dancing five songs and decided to watch the guys practice. The way they play was not bad but not as amazing as dancing. I mean, nothing can compare to the love of dancing. I then realised this yellow haired dude had his eye on me. He gave me a wink and I shivered, quickly, I went towards the curtain, closed them and continued my dancing…with lower volume this time.

Kise POV

She closed the curtain in front of me! What is her problem? No girls do this to me! I mean…I’m Kise Ryouta…a model and a basketball player! But then, maybe she never heard about me…It can’t be, I even take a picture with the foreigner… There is no way she did not know me!

Our practice had ended… and that girl still inside. Whatever… not that I care about it. Just like that the next day another practice, we arrived at the gym and saw the gym door was open. We went in and saw she was here earlier than we were and she is using our basketball court and to our surprise, she was almost half-naked. I mean, she was covered but less covering. Wearing only tank top, shorts, protection ankle, knee, and gloves. Somehow, she really looks sexy like this.

We asked her that we need to use the court; however she did not care and pretend she didn’t hear us. Until she stopped and looked at us with her hands on her hips, we all blush madly.

“You want to use the court? Have a dance battle with me and I will let you if you win,” she smirked.

What!? Dance Battle with her!? We don’t even know how to dance! Is she messing with us?

“Go ahead and battle with her…” surprisingly, that’s what our coach said. “This is part of your training. We will practice after you win one dance battle with her.”

“You guys should know that NBA people use dance as part of their warm up and training their muscle. You guys didn’t know that?” she said more like provoking us especially my senpai.

Third POV

The battle was on. The rules were that if they dance together with her, win. However, it needs to be satisfied by her.
The music begins and Moriyama started first. Obviously, he is not following the beat. Shaking her head, she continued the dance where he had stopped. Feeling disappointed to see someone danced Zutter by her favourite idol that badly, she adds more power and passion in this dance. The player was amazed and obviously, it was a loss this round.

The battle continues and left Kise and Kasamatsu, no one had beaten the girl dancer. Couldn’t stand anymore, the captain decided to go next, although he was shy towards girls but seeing his teammate losing to a little girl, he just couldn’t take it anymore. That is when the music starts. Hearing this familiar song, she smile and gets ready to be sexy. On the other hand, Kise noticed the music seems familiar to him.

“Hmm? This song seems familiar to me,” Kise mumbled which could hear properly, wanting to know what song is he talking about.

You know what to do with that big fat butt!?

“Ah, I remember now!”

Wriggle, wriggle, wriggle.

The cue began and the battle started. Kasamatsu was shocked with his face immediately blushed madly when he sees his opponent turned her back at him and start shaking her round ass. Not only him, the others too, even Kise even though he was aware this would happen. Kasamatsu couldn’t move… at all. He was too shocked to see his opponent made this sudden dance, and she was twerking very close to him. Twerking and shaking in front of him erotically until the end of the second charge. Looking behind, he already fainted while the other pulled him aside.

“Innocence type? Cute~” she smiled and walked away. Thinking that she just made a victory but no, that is when Kise moved forward close and dance battle with her. She was shocked but quickly calmed and danced with him. The scene was perfect. Kise never danced but he was lucky that he watched one of the dance video sent by one of his friend. The dance getting hotter than before and the dance ended when Kise pulled her close to him. Their noses were almost touched and they were breathing hard, as if they had their… you-know-what.

“What is your name?” Kise asked between his breaths.

“(Y/N)” she answered. “You are really good… Are you sure this is your first time?”

“Yup, I am good in copying, if you ask how.”

“Oh~impressive… But…you should put more power on your butt next time.”

With that advice she gave him at the sometime using her two hands, grope his butt, and make him shriek. Even Kise’s player was shocked at her sudden action. “(Y/N)!!! What did you do that for!?” Kise cried using his both hand to protect his lovely ass and (Y/N), could not help and laugh out loud.

“Ha ha ha! Oh my God! You scream like a girl!” she laughed and walked away.

“(Y/N)-cchi! Take responsibility!” Kise shouted and (Y/N) turned and looked back at him.


“Because your dance had swept me off my feet.”

“Get permission from my uncle first! See if he accepts you or not!”

“Who?” Kise asked.

“The principle.” (Y/N) grinned.




“NO WAY!!! You serious?!”

“I’m afraid that’s the truth, pretty boy.” Just like that, she went back to the room and shut herself inside.

Looks like Kise needs to have a good impression in front of the principal more often.
Your dance swept off my feet (Kise X Dancer reader
I was entertained by this video... and then BOOM!!!

Here is the story... XD

List of song used...
Big Bang- Bang Bang Bang…
GD & TOP- Zutter…
Wiggle - Jason Derulo…

Now I feel sorry for Yukio for blood loss... Sorry... XP
210 deviations
Hiccup’s P.O.V

After a long struggle about Nin’s new clothes and end up JUST… the bottom, I brought her to the Arena on the way, with her hand intertwined with mine. As we arrived there, she then stopped with both of her feet stuck firmly on the ground. She was strong, with her hand was trembling; I knew she was afraid to go inside so I patted her head and messed up her white, soft hair to calm her down. “It’s ok; no one is going to lock you up.”

She shook her head, “I see before…” she said in fear. “Dragons and Vikings, fighting each other until one of them die. Dragon dies, helpless… Vikings roar for their victory… Humans… are bad.”

“I admit, we were bad but that was in the past, now, this place become Dragon Academy where we train and bring trust. Don’t worry about us locking you up… Trust me.” She was in caution and Toothless nudged her back, which made her to have trust, and together, we walked into the arena where the others are here already.

Astrid who approached to me first, looked at me first. Look at Nin. Then to me, “Hiccup, she’s not even fully dress yet.” She said.

“Well, long story, she just don’t like the top. At least I covered up the bottom.” While I was saying that, I heard the ripping sound and saw Nin was tearing the last cloth. “And there~ goes the bottom.” I sighed and decided to just begin like this. It was a quite introduction and a bit of trouble, my group gathered around and discuss about her. “So… what do you know about her?”

“She had white shiny scales on her dragon-like hands and feet, but not much on her other part like her face and stomach. She looks like a normal human with an addition of night fury’s tail and wings. “Fishleg explained what he had written down on his note.

“Unlike Toothless, who can hide his teeth, she hides her nails!” Tuffnut said while doing the claw attack.

“You mean ‘claw’?” his twin corrected.

“I don’t know, she was like… mixed.”

“And don’t forget she shot out white flames. Thanks to Snotlout who try to do some kinky on her.” Astrid smirked while pointing at the burning Snotlout.

“What? She got nice butt.” Snotlout scoffed and all I could do was to sigh.

Along with the discussion, Fishleg suddenly gave us a very good question. It was very personal… but very mystery to us. “I was wondering… who does she mate? Human or dragon? Or… both?”
There was a short silent, thinking about that question and Tuffnut then broke the silent atmosphere, “Should we ask her?”

End up, he earned a hard slap by Astrid on his head, “You stupid, how could you be so shameless?!”

“What? Just let that mystery goes on?

“Alright you two, let just skip this one and ask her what ability does she has.” I suggested. Better than wasting time on that one question, they agree and moved on.”

Nin’s P.O.V

I did an introduction; no harm was done except one of them suddenly slapped my butt… Rude. After that, I gather around with the other dragon, did the same introduction too, and began with our dragon chat. Not long, Hiccup and his human friend walked towards me. Immediately, I hold onto Toothless for secure. Hiccup then asked if is ok to tell me about my ability.

Humans… were asking me about my ability. A trap? Should I?

I looked at Toothless and he gave me the signal to go ahead. Trusting him, I stood up and began to tell them, just the basic… Just in case, they turned around and backstab me. “My white flame may not be the strongest or the hottest but… “ I then shot one of my plasma blast to the middle of the battle field. “They are the hardest to put out. Other than water and myself, nothing can put that fire out.”

Using my tail, I swished towards the white flame and it quickly attached on to my tail and melted it. “Amazing, it went into your tail.” Hiccup said as he observed the flame. “What else?”

“I sing.”

With that reply, everyone was confused, wondering why singing is my ability. “Pfft~ so what? I can sing too.” Tuffnut scoffed and start singing like an opera singer. Horrible but bearable.

“Not a normal song, I sing, it will create destruction, creation and control. That song you sing is normal to you. However, if I sing, this place, no… This whole island will be destroyed.”

“Woah~ That was AWESOME!!!” Tuffnut shouted and end up receiving a glared from his friends, quickly add in. “As in very bad… nowhere to live.”

“No live… no escape from the destruction.”

Making a huge gulp, knowing that this is not a joke.

“Can you demonstrate us one of your harmless song? I would really want to see how it works. That is… if you don’t mind.” The chubby male name Fishleg politely asked with excitement to see my ability.

I looked at Hiccup and Toothless, they both nodded their head for trust and I walked to the middle and began to sing.

aAuNk LYAlyuma arhou/.
I am the Maiden of Mio.

wUwUjIncA tapa eje,
I resonate with the water of my heart

aIuUkA zess qejyu urgn/.
I am like the grief of people

aIuUkA zess qejyu hiew/.
I am like the sadness of people.

The dry ground slowly became soggy wet and not long, droplets of water began to float around me. Thinking that should be enough to make a small performance, I continued to sing.

aAuNk LYAlyuma dejyu/.
I am the Maiden of Mio

hUmUmArAeh qejyu urgn eje,
I sing the grief from the hearts of the people

aIuUkA zess pop v.a en d.z./.
I am like the bubbles that are born and die


Xc=jEzAtE LYEarhou gral -> vYAsAk ayulsa siance/.
If all the wishes of the people are realized, I will feel the eternal Utopia.

sAl mea en hArAnUtI balduo sphaela, hEkEtAt LYEarhou/.
I will believe in myself and go on a journey around the dark world, embracing the wishes of the people.

en yLYEzYEtE...
And happily wish for the world and you.

The whole battlefield were filled with water, with a little of signal tune, the water began to form whatever I want, dragons and humans and other I could imagine. Everyone was surprised and amazed to my ability while the dragons were playing with my water creation. Sadly, I need to end my song, the water slowly went back where it came from and the performance ended with a white flower grew and bloom from the dry ground.

“Wao! That was cool!” Astrid said.

“Amazing, I never knew songs can be a powerful weapon. Is it possible to have a singing dragon like her?” Fishleg followed while mumbling to himself.

“That was beautiful, Nin.”
I looked away when Hiccup compliments me, I don’t know why, but that actually feel nice to hear it from him. Not long, all of the dragons were lifeless and began to felt annoyed and that means only one thing… “They said they are hungry sine morning.” I translated.

“Well, it’s noon now… let’s go to the Great Hall and have something to eat.”

Arrive to the place that they call, ‘Great Hall’. I began to have a bad feeling about this. When that giant door opened, it was a horror scene ever. Vikings were everywhere, weapons and fire were hanging on every wall for preparation to attack then the enemies arrive. No, this is too much, without having any second thought about it, I quickly turned and ran away and find a place to calm myself down.

Didn’t know that Snotlout followed me behind, follow by Toothless.
HTTYD Chp6: Dragon Arena
Finally got the time to post this... I am very sorry for being a writer block... Here is the next chapter to those who are waiting for it... :)
Went into the Dragon arena and know more about you... 

I am not sure if you know this song... But this is one of my favourite song… actually fit when I want to make Nin to form out the water... Not that I think about it... She is now counted as a NightFury or a SongFury... LOL

What you think? Leave your comment below ad tell me your thinking... Want to curse my story, up to you... At least let me know what i had miss out... XD

Enjoy reading... :D (Big Grin)

I will update more and for the next chapter will be feelings... some twisted feelings and some jealousy... Oh~ Who shall it be... Anyway thank s for reading... :) *bow*



44 deviations
No comment for today so let just jump to the feature...
Its been a while already... XD

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Whew... Tired now... Will continue later...
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