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Days passed after all that crazy incident in the bar. Aomine had been hanging out with you every night and enjoy the chat, letting him taste every different drink you served him. In exchange, he taught you how to play basketball. Aomine get to know every of the people who work in the bar and the regular customers. Having a fun time to get to know them, but what he like the most was to get to know more about you.

Day by day, Aomine never felt so happy in his life other than playing basketball and slowly began to fall for you. The day had come when Aomine will come and see you again. Aomine came in the morning and greeted by Bobby who was sweeping the front door. Bobby knew that Aomine wanted to confess today, gave him a slap on Aomine’s back, saying ‘good luck’ to him, and push him inside.

Aomine arrived at the door, feeling nervous to see you. Taking a deep breath to calm his shit out of him and went in, seeing you wiping the bar counter with your back facing him makes him want to hug you from behind, but no. He quietly went towards you and patted your shoulder made you suddenly yelped out loud. Quickly turned and see who patted you and immediately blushed when you see your crush in front of you. “Holy Sh-! You scare the hell out of me, you Ahomine!” You pouted. “I almost going to swear at Bobby. Since he mostly did that.”

“Sorry, my bad.” Aomine said while scratching behind his neck and thought that the way you pout was adorable. “Cleaning?”

Showing him two rags you are holding, he then cursed himself of saying such a stupid question. Ignore that, he went and sit at his usual place and you then served him a yellow drink. Hands made a sudden contact and you quickly moved away with blushed and quickly moved away. Aomine saw your expression and secretly grin to himself, knew your action towards him and decided to tease you. Taking the drinks towards him and began to observe it.

“This drink…. Looks new to me. What is this?” Aomine asked.

“ ‘Clementine Crush’. “

“Oh~ So… Got any story behind this drink?”

“I am not sure about the story of this drink.” You began to think hard, “But it has a story of my parent.”

“Huh? Your parent?”

You nodded. “When my dad was a bartender himself and met my mom, it was a first sight love between both of them. To show his love to her, he uses exactly this drink as a confession to her.”

There was a short silent, all of the sudden; Aomine gulped all the drink down in one shot, which suddenly shocked you of this action. “Aho! I told you that’s not the way you should dri- “ Another sudden action interrupted you, he then suddenly stood up, grabbed your necktie and smashed his lips together with you. It caught you off guard and you didn’t realize that his tongue was in you before you knew it. You could taste of the cocktail he had gulped down as he explored inside you with his tongue. You immediately lost in the fight and he let go of you as a string of saliva still connected and then break apart.

Your face was so red that the lights couldn’t cover up for you. Aomine gave you his smirk and then said, “Did your mother did this to your dad as an answer?”

From your blush, your face slowly turned into a dirty erotic smile and grabbed his shirt towards you. “Nope, she had done way~ better than that.”

Just like that, you both did another hot kisses… Way better than the previous one…
And also, Bobby just stood at the very corner, watching the whole confession scene and smile, “Sigh~ Like old times how (y/n)’s parents met each other.”

~Time skipped to a week later~

“A-Aominecchi… Are you sure is this the right place?” Kise stuttered while looking at their ‘hang-out’ destination.

“The lights here are blinding me.” Midorima said while covering his eyes from the bright light.

“Mine-chin~ I don’t like this place. Its too loud.” Murasakibara complained while covering his ears from the loud music.

“Aomine-kun, you know that it’s illegal for an underage student like us to go in.” Kuroko said blankly while jabbing Aomine’s side.

“I wanna see Daiki’s girlfriend.” Momoi said cheerfully while clinging on Kuroko’s side.

“Daiki, you better have a good reason to let us here.” Akashi said while glared at Aomine.

“Oi, you sure you gonna bring us in?” Kagami questioned.

“You guys are the one who want to see my girlfriend! This is where she work!” Aomine said in annoyed. “Don’t worry, I’m not as stupid as Bakagami.”

“What the F-“ Kagami snapped and got ignored by Aomine.

Going into the entrance, where Aomine met Bobby.

“Daiki~ It’s been a while.” Bobby shouted from afar when he spotted him.

“Good to see you Bobby.” Aomine greeted with a bro-hug.

“Aomine-kun finally meet his one of his kind-“ Kuroko said but suddenly interrupted when Aomine grabbed his head and crushed him while the others laughed out loud at Kuroko’s word.

On the other side where Bobby saw the whole thing, he thought it was a fight and went up and stopped the scene. “Did those guys bothering you bro?” He said while cracking his hands and neck at the same time. The others was shocked to see Bobby, especially with the same height as Murasakibara. Aomine stopped the misunderstanding and said it was his teammates and that’s when Bobby the ‘Oh~’ expression. “Oh! Your rainbow friend is here! Wao~ Really. Just like a rainbow.”

Bobby invited them in, Aomine didn’t see you around the bar counter, and that’s when you start the music. The crowds were screaming for your name when you hit to the beat. “ARE YOU READY TO PARRTTYY!!!” You shouted which everyone could hear through the crowd. The crowd screamed their answer like dolphin, which didn’t satisfy your answer. “I can’t hear you, one more time!!! SCREAMMMM!!!!” This time, their respond was louder than before and you finished your job and let the rest continue to the music beat.

“Woah~ That DJ sure has a loud voice-suu. And pretty too. ” Kise complimented.

“She’s so cool~!” Momoi followed, hoping to be friends with her.

You walked back to the bar counter and saw your boyfriend, Aomine… or should say Daiki, walking towards you and gave you a greeting kiss. “You were amazing up there.” He complimented you.

“Thank you, Daiki. But I prefer serving you drinks than up there. I want to somewhere where I can get close to you, touch you and kiss you.” You purred.

“Oh~ I never knew you were that pervert.”

“Said to the one who has like a hundred of porn magazine.” You grinned at him with your seductive looks and were interrupted by a sudden chough. You looked behind him and saw a head of rainbows and you were surprised, they were standing in orders.

“Aomine-kun, if you just bring us just to see you flirting with the other girls, I’m leaving. “ Kuroko said it bluntly behind him and of course, he was pissed to have his precious time wasted to be here.

“Daiki… are they?” you asked and he agreed to your thoughts. You get excited and asked them to take a seat and began to made them drinks. “Here, its on a house. I somehow feel like want to make these drinks. Hope you don’t mind. As you can see… “

It’s a rainbow cocktail.




Bartender (Aomine X Bartender Reader) Pt.2
I got this idea from this song...…

The song is nice...
The cocktail is not made up too... Look here...……     


I actually have the other ideas but I realise the cocktails were so pretty, I decided to use it as a confession.
That's the end of part 2, I will put the extra in... and this time, It will be lemon. A challenge and an idea from Shine-lover  :iconshine-lover:.... Ok, I'm fired up!!!

Part 1:
Part 2: Here  
Extra :

Give me the comment and then tell me what do you think... :) (Smile) Thank you for reading it...

43 deviations

“You JERK! You… Me… are OVER!!!” a random girl slapped hard on the blue navy-haired male, Aomine, who they happen to be dating for about… three days? But who cares, he just got dumped… again. Yes, and that was the third woman he had went out this month and it didn’t go well.

Aomine made a ‘tch’ sound, holding his chin because of the stupid ex’s hands with long fake nails had scratched his face. “That stupid-“

“’Bitch’ Is it? Yeah, I can see that... Like a… ‘total slut’?” a sudden voice interrupted his sentences. Aomine looked at the direction and saw a girl, which is you, was throwing garbage at the dark alley. Judging from your clothes, you look like a bartender, which actually you are… a bartender. Clapping your both hand to dust the dirt away, looked at the tan-skinned guy and pointed at his face. “You ok?” you asked.

“It’s none of your business woman.” He grumbled and you just smirked at him as he still acting tough.

Walking towards to him and then grabbed his chin roughly, facing his scratches at you and you looked with pain. “Ugh~ This look really pain.”

Taken aback at your reaction towards him, he slapped your hand away. “Hey, what the hell are you-“
“Hold still… Let me put this on for you.” You interrupted him again, taking out a bandage and then stuck it on his face. “There. By the way, want me to give you something to make you feel better?”

“Your body?” He said, just want to make you pissed, but to his surprised, you took it as a joke and laugh it out, holding your stomach so hard till your laughter died down.

“Hahaha~ Oh man~ That was one of the oldest words I haven’t hear for so long. There was one guy also said the same thing when I want to take his order. So sober, and Bobby end up kicked him out from the bar.”

“Bar?” he repeated.

“My working place. My parent owns this shop and I just helping them out.” I said and pointed the big building behind me. A signboard there said ‘Feria’, with powerful lights to attract customers coming in and loud music to keep the people inside going high. I then handed him one of my ‘V.I.P Card’. “(Y/N)… Feel free come and see me at the second floor, I’ll treat you. Just show Bobby this card and he will understand.”

I then took his hand and slapped the card to his palm. Pat a few time and gave him a wink. “I need to go now. See you inside.”

Skipped to the next morning when Aomine mostly hang out with his basketball players and other school team and play one- on- one. Somehow, he suddenly thought about you. Taking out the card that you gave him. Gave some thoughts and decided to see you tonight.

The night comes around fast, by the time Aomine arrived, the club was almost packed and most of the customers need to leave because of full house. Getting up courage to wait in the line, he then face-to-face with a big huge bulky black guy, bald, huge muscle arms with tattoos from his arms to his face. Although both of them were the same height, but the black man huge body size makes him even bigger than Aomine. “No invitation, no enter.” The back man said in a low warning voice. “But, aren’t you a bit young to come here?”

“(Y/n), I’m here to see her.” Aomine said as he showed him the card to the black man.
The black man took off his sunglasses, look at the card, then Aomine, then the card again. All of the sudden, he looked at Aomine with a huge smile and pointed at him as if he remember something. “Oh! You are the black dude that (y/n) told me about who got slapped by some kind of slut.”
“Yes, and I don’t want to remember that scene again.” Aomine growled. “And you must be Bobby that she talk about.”

“(Y/n) is like my younger sister. Come, let me take you there.” Bobby said and ordered another bouncer to take over his place.

Aomine followed Bobby inside and amazed by the lights and music when they arrived to the second floor. Everyone is on the floor, jumping crazily and dancing to the beat, DJ on the recorder playing his best shot and the dancers were doing their entertainment, exposing their skins made Aomine couldn’t take his eyes off… I mean which guys won’t? Everybody is shouting and cheering to the amazing music beat until the DJ suddenly took out the microphone and made an announcement. “Yeah~! Did you guys having a good time!?”

The crowd made a loud cheer and the music continue to play again. Continue following, and arrived at the bar counter where you were there, serving drinks to the customers. “Yo, (y/n). The kid is here.” Bobby shouted through the music and you heard him.

“Oh cool, you came~ I was waiting for you.” You said and show him the seat which was at the very corner, but able to see the whole scenery which you called it ‘ V.I.P seat’.

“Woah, dude~ You re one lucky guy. No one get the chance to seat there. More like, (y/n) never let anyone seat there.” Bobby whispered to Aomine and then slapped his back to go on. “Come on, don’t just stand there. I need to get back to business.”

Bobby went back to his business, leaving Aomine and (y/n) alone. Not making things look awkward, Aomine walked to the seat and sat down. Once he sat down, (y/n) immediately served him a light blue drink. “Here you go, it’s on a house. You’ll love this.”

Trusting you, he took a sip of the drink and slowly, his eyes lighten up. “This is… really good.”
“Right? I love that too. Its called ‘Sapphire Martini’. It’s a bit pricey, but I sometime just can’t stop drinking for more.”

“How much?” he questioned.

“Not much. Just $3,000.” Saying calmly suddenly made him choked from drinking. “Woah, woah, woah! Don’t waste!”

“I- I am drinking 3K.”

“Dude, like I say… It’s on house.” A silent moment to listen to the DJ, you talk again, “Hey, I kept on calling you ‘Dude’ and I never catch up your name.”
“Aomine Daiki.”

“Wao~ What a manly name. Nice~” You complimented him with a smile made Aomine suddenly felt a beat in his heart. Didn’t want to admit he had a quick feeling of someone who had just met, he just ignored it.

The loud music beat just went on, and all of the sudden, there was an unpleasant noise can be hear clearly even in this loud music. As an owner of this bar, you hold close the mini mic that attached at your collar and call Bobby. “Bobby, there is an annoying fly here. Blond-haired, wearing red dress. Get her out, now.”

Just like that, within 5 minutes, Bobby was about to lead her to the exit, the woman who made the scene, Aomine realized that it was his ex and of course, she saw him and decided to use him to make her stay longer. “Daiki~ What a coincidence! I was waiting for you.” She cooed wanted to sit next to him.

“(G/n) we just broke up last night, and you act like nothing happen? You really are something.” Aomine said coldly.

“Aww~ Of course I still like you~ You know that, right?” grabbing his arm, making her chest squeezed into his arm as a bride.

“And you know right? You are the one who ditched me first and I let you.” Just like that, she was defeated by his words.

“Looks like this guy had really give up on you Missy. You need to leave now.” Bobby said as he grabbed her skinny arms again.

Didn’t admit her losing, she decided to use her last technique to make a scene that there is a high school boy in the bar, hoping to make the bodyguard kick him out too. “Oh come on! A basketball player like you can’t go to this filthy place.”

As Aomine wanted to talk back, didn’t realized you secretly talk to the mic and asked the DJ to take the customers back to his attention. “Did you say… basketball?” the DJ shouted. It was a sudden announcement and most of the regular customers knew his meaning and excited for his next announcement and that’s what he shout next. “Let the court rise from the floor.”

One push of the button, everyone began to move away from the floor, a slight earthquake made the dance floor opened into half and out came a mini basketball court with basketball inside. Everyone cheered furiously as the court appears. All the attention were towards the court and totally forgot about the girl’s announcement. Bobby then patted her shoulder which suddenly made her flinched. “Looks like everyone didn’t hear it.” He smirked.

“Liar! They all even look at this way!” She shouted.

“But they all didn’t care.” He scoffed and then grabbed her arm hard. “Sorry, Missy, but you are going out.”

And without another word coming out from her mouth, she was dragged out from the bar and never seen again. On the other hand, you were laughing aloud at that funny scene you had secretly made. Aomine looked at you laughing, slowly knew it was your doing and laugh along. As the laughter died down, Aomine then took out the card I gave it to him. I then pushed back to him, “You can keep it. Come by anytime. I really need someone I can talk in my age.”

Another long chat till midnight, Aomine decided to go back which you felt a bit disappointed that he need to go so early. Writing down your phone number in a piece of paper and put it in his jacket pocket before he gone, hoping that he will call you maybe the next morning. What you didn’t know that, right after he turned around the corner, he was jumping up and down for getting your phone number since he was too shy.

Both of you just couldn’t wait who will make the first move.
Both of you just couldn’t wait to meet each other.
Both of you thought you were perfect.
Must be love at first sight.
Bartender (Aomine X Bartender Reader) Pt.1
I got this idea from this song...…

The song is nice...
The hotel is not made up... you can find it here...…
The cocktail is not made up too... Look here...…


This is just part one... Will write more in Part 2... :)

Part 1: Here
Part 2:
Extra :   

Give me the comment and then tell me what do you think... :) (Smile) Thank you...

17 deviations
No comment for today so let just jump to the feature...
Its been a while already... XD

Fantasy Girl 4 by kamiyamarkArtemis by littlepaperforestWhat have these hands done by chirunPanPan by E-X-P-I-EHard Out Here by kanzzzakiFriendship game Twilight by Gashi-gashiAcacias by dennybuttMedibang Paint Mini by applelovesjellyGirl 3 by AdamaStoAxel is too tall for Roxas. by ILsamaKeep Your Fire Burning Bright by kerbyrosanesMeme: Tsurururururruuuu by ZenithOmochaHattori Mikado double meme by ZenithOmochaBritannia and England by floranoKohaku y Rin Obon by FanasYDuel 2 by OptionalTypoOcean Call by imaginismEarth Guardian by juliedillonI need you to shut up by kawacy''Playmate'' in sight by darkSoul4Liferivals in summer by maurozSTARFIGHTER: ECLIPSE IS OUT NOW by HamletMachineYou are the apple of my eye by redsamaBleach - Kings (Grimmjow+Ichigo Doodle Squares) by kiruiSolaris Dump1 by Ai-BeeSteven Universe Sketchdump 1 by Ai-Bee2005 Watercolor - Fire Cat by frisket17DL by KaizeruTokkun Academy Tutorial Artbook by alexnegreaotto and victoriosa by BrianKesingerHeroes of the Storm: Fighting Legends by SaraForlenzaNext level trading by Madacon2006 - Glow Fish by frisket17The Prince and the Bride by emilywarrenartGalaxy Storm Feonix by TatchitEmbriadem_BC_Inspired by UnoduStripes by GDBeeFlower Corgi by sandaraIn Red by zearyuMLP - Filigree and Magenta anthros by merrypaws.CC.Sweet Tooth. by HetiruSilence by juuhannaSHD 303 - Shadow Acid by soapiesthorseFor antthatotakuchick by Melodymimi1112(Fusion) Boa hancock x Faye valentine by Choko17Lovely Rat. Time lapse Video available. by Bea-GonzalezFlutterdream by 1trickponeUchiha SSS (my version) by byBlackRoseVerlaufen by KannaAsaAdventure by Jon-LockClothes Choose the Girl by spicysteweddemonYuuki Kinsatsu: Illusion Barrier! LINEART by CandraRosePanda dance 2 by kotorikuramaBut First, Coffee... by bro0017
Whew... Tired now... Will continue later...
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The reason of the background is very expensive is actually depends on the scenery I will be drawing... If I think I can draw the background easily I will giveyou discount... :9 Hope this is ok... :) And also Note... I don't draw robots, vehicals and scenery yet... still not good at it... :P

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