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Coming back to school from your long holiday was great because you get to see your basketball team, especially Murasakibara and HImuro. Both of them had been your good friend ever since they transfer to Yosen High School. But being an innocent girl, you never know that both of them were trying their best to make you like them.

Anyway, back to the story… happy to go back to school, but sad not to see your 6-months-old nephew for now. Yes, for these two weeks holiday, you had been taking care of your cute little nephew since his parents were on honeymoon. Oh, how you love him so, this cuteness and his chubby cheek made you want to eat him up.

You changed his diaper, feed him, and play with him and even taking bath with him. That end up you also using baby shampoo to take a bath. Because of that, when you met with your friends, they all said you smell like baby and you take that as a compliment.

Basketball practice time, you now going to the gym and the first person you meet was your aunt, Masako Araki, also the coach there. When you were young, she took care of you and love you so but also can be overprotective if any boys tried to get near you. “Hi Aunty Aki~” you sang out her name and she turned and smiled to with you with a smile.

“Hello, my niece… How’s your holiday?” she asked with her arms open.

“It was great.” You ran and hugged her tight.

Sniff, sniff
“Is that baby shampoo?” she questioned.

“Ah- yes, I had been taking care of my baby nephew during the holiday… I guess I have the smell on me for now.” You explained. “Why?”

“Somehow it feels nostalgia. I remember the time when you were in my arms and I bath you too.” She smiled while you blushed when she said it. “Well, time to work now. Enjoy watching the practice while I go give those slackers a lesson.”

You watched your aunt walking towards to the players, then at the corner of your eyes; you spotted your two friends who were having their break time. Immediately, you jogged towards them and greeted them. “Hey guys~ How’s your holiday?” you asked.

“Hi (Name), just the usual. Training most of the time.” Himuro first answered your question.

“I see… Mind if I join you?”

“Sure, have a seat.” He agreed while patting the floor to ask you to sit down.

You then sat down between Murasakibara and Himuro and watched the other team doing the practice. With a small spin you had just did, made both of the boys realized the smell from you. “(Name)-chin… did you put on perfume?” Murasakibara asked.

“Oh! You realize too? It was baby shampoo, I help to give my nephew a bath and I bathed together with him.” You explained while these two boys were jealous about your nephew get to bath with you although he was just a baby.

“Well, you smell nice, (Name).” Himuro smiled at you and you smiled back while blushing at his compliment.




“AKI!!!” your sudden shout made the coach turned to your direction and was shocked to see this horrible scene. Murasakibara and Himuro were hugging you so close with their face near to your neck, sniffing out your baby scent. She even could see them liking you. “HELP ME!!! I’M GONNA BE EATEN!!!”

After some time, you were hiding behind your aunt while she was protecting you from those two hungry wolves. “Neh~ Let me just have one last sniff on (Name)-chin.” Murasakibara said with his both hands getting ready to pounce on you.

“Sorry about that (Name), I just couldn’t resist it.” Himuro apologized to you, however his action totally the opposite.

“You two monster!!! Stay away from my niece or else I’m gonna give you one hell of the training!!!”  Coach Masako yelled at both of the pervert while using her wooden sword to block them.

You had learn a lesson… Himuro and Murasakibara will eat you.
Baby Shampoo? [Murasakibara X Reader X Himuro] (WR
This is from my wattpad Just wanna share to those who dun have wattpad.

Some wattpad reader want something like this... and its another challenge... And totally have no idea... And When I was taking a shower, this is what I thought of... XD

Enjoy... :)
221 deviations
Year of monkey 2016 by HellSiNLordZ
Year of monkey 2016
Damn~! Finally get this thing done... And of course I am both satisfied and dissatisfied...

I actually having a trouble choosing to draw male or female... but then female win... Again...

Next yeat I should draw male...

It was midnight and you were having a nightmare, even worst, during the stormy weather. It was a 100% terrible…you keep on twisting and turning around, cold sweat coming from your forehead. Your ‘oppa’ the purple titan who was staying overnight in your house, sleeping with you, woke up by your voice and your turnning. “[name]-chin?”

“NOOOOO!” you suddenly woke up and screamed, with one hand reaching out. You slowly realized it was a dream but you felt so real that you couldn’t calm down.

Murasakibara then sits up and patted your head. “[Name]-chin having a bad dream?” he asked. You nodded at his question while panting hard.

“I’m OK…” you gave him your weak smile which slowly fades. “I guess.”

All of a sudden, your boyfriend pulled you and gave you a secure hug while patting your head. “Everything’s gonna be alright… There, there~” his lazy voice comforted you and you couldn’t help but giggle. “What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Why are you being Baymax?” you questioned.

“Don’t you like Baymax ?” he questioned back.

I like… but I prefer the real one.” You said and he pouted like a kid. You then snuggled to him closer.” But I prefer you to comfort me. Thank you Sushi, I feel much better now.”

You looked up and smiled at him and he smiled back at you. He gave you a kiss on your forehead and both of you cuddled each other to sleep till the next morning. As long he is with you, all your bad dreams go away.


The next morning when both of you were eating breakfast... “[Name]-chin… What was that nightmare you dream last night?” Murasakibara asked as he waited for the food you are cooking right now.

“Oh that was the worst nightmare, Sushi… The whole shop discontinued selling maiubo.” you explained as you settled down the food on the table.




“Let’s go [name]-chin to the candy store, before it really did happen.” Murasakibara suddenly got up from his seat and ran out, without start eating his breakfast.
All you could do was standing there, sweat dropped. "Seriously, its just a dream... But Ya, better really go before really did happen. Wait for me, Sushi!"

And so both of you ran to every snack shop buying every last of maiubo... with pajamas.
There,there~ [Murasakibara X Reader] (WR)
This is from my wattpad Just wanna share to those who dun have wattpad.

Some wattpad reader want something like this... and its another challenge...

Enjoy... :) (Smile)
“Sorry… the number you dialed is unreachable… Please try again later.”

That’s what your phone had been said to you…every time you called to your boyfriend, Aomine Daiki, Well, he was…now…no more. He cheated on you and you knew it for a long time and decided to ignore it. Day by day, this is just getting worse, you don’t mind him cheating on you, but he had been ignoring you too.

What were the reasons that make him totally ignoring you? Is it because you have no sex appeal? Is it because you are older than him? Is it because of your late work and spending less time with him? Or maybe all of the above? If yes, then what is the use of living with him, cleaning his room and cook food for him every day? What is the use of buying porn magazines and sports shoes for him? Was he don’t even love you from the beginning?

You pretended not to know and asked his friend about what is he been up to. Funny thing is that, they all covered him up, every one of them. Of course… Why wouldn’t they? You totally knew they were all lying to you. Why are they doing this to you? Aren’t they all on your side? All these words and promises are nothing but liars. Everyone is a liar… everyone except one… Tachibana Makoto.

You know that he is out of this story but he is your childhood friend and he is like your brother to you. Whatever problems you have, he is the first one to know. You even told him about your problem and he will always said, “Follow your heart, if you think this makes you free, then do it.”

His words always make you feel better and just like that…you had decided… “Let me stay at your house… I’m moving in.” with the words you said… he immediately agrees.

You lived together with Tachibana, feeling a lot better after being ignored. Aomine had been keep of messaging you after you left him without a word so you just changed your phone number. His friends tried to convince you to go back with him but you smiled and never answered back. Tachibana gave you all the needs… companion, support and love. This is what you wanted. Although both of you didn’t have any kind of love relationship, people almost thought both of you were couple.

One day on your way back home from work, while you were thinking what to eat for dinner you felt someone grabbed your arm, turned you around and gave you a tight embrace… That ‘someone’ is him, you remember and forget. “[Name]… I’m sorry… I’m sorry that I cheated on you. Give me another chance and I promise that I won’t cheat again.”

You were about to speak but another person came and separated the hug. Tachibana, who just came back from his swimming practice, stood in front of you, grabbing your hands tightly and glared at Aomine. “Who the hell are you… this is my business between me and [Name].” Aomine growled.

“[Name] business…is my business. I’m afraid she is not yours anymore….” Tachibana said sternly. His fierce look always gives you calm and secure. You could just stare all day.

“[Name] give me another chance will you!?” Aomine’s pleaded you interrupted your stare at Tachibana.

“She already gives you lots of chances! From the very start!” Tachibana answered back for you.

It took him not long to understand his meaning. With the shock looks on his face, he slowly asked you, “Ho-how long you knew?”

“From the moment you don’t reply my phone call,” you explained. “I was going to forgive you if you answered. But you just wasted your chance.”

Indeed, he totally wasted it and now he could do is to watch you walking away with Tachibana, with his arms around your shoulder.
Wasted Cheater Aomine X Reader (WR)
This is from my wattpad Just wanna share to those who dun have wattpad.

Some wattpad reader want something like this... and I am totally have no idea for this... but hope this work... 

Enjoy... :)

What I say is true... OMG!!! My comic is finally gonna be in issue #4
I actually suppose to be in #3 but because of lots of people entering so they push my art at #4.
I don't mind... As long I am in then I'm good..

This ARC comic is all for those armature artist to join... which is a great opportunity for me to join.

And also... 2016 is close... means next year is a year of monkey...

Definitely I am going to draw monkey king...

Actually I already did... but not done yet and will not post it till next year...

So can't wait~! XD

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I do Commission...

But now is...

Free button: Commissions Closed by Mimru

I'm getting use to the points already and this time I'm going to increase the price... Not more than 25 points... At this time, My only tools is traditional art only so if you thinking want to have a digital art, I think... I can do a bit of it since I manage to make my laptop to have Photoshop now...

Pink Comish Info by YuikoHeartless

I don't count any sketching and colouring at this moment so I decided to put the price on the character...
:bulletred: Single person= 3 :points:
*Head shot= add 1 :points:
*Half body= add 2 :points:
*Full body= add 3 :points:
*With background= add 8 :points:

:bulletblue: Chibi = 2 :points: for whole body...:) ( 1:points: for extra characters)

:bulletorange: Couples = 6 :points:
*Head shot= add 1 :points:
*Half body= add 2 :points:
*Full body= add 3 :points:
*With background= add 8 :points:

:bulletyellow: In Groups = 20 :points: for 4 characters (5 :points: for extra characters and they will be either in half body or full body)
*With background= add 8 :points:
If chibi 8 :points: for 4 characters (1 :points: for extra characters)

:bulletgreen: Extra for your character like want your oc as a cat or an angel (eg. Animals, Dragon, Half-human half-animals, Demon etc, etc, etc...) 3 :points:

The reason of the background is very expensive is actually depends on the scenery I will be drawing... If I think I can draw the background easily I will giveyou discount... :9 Hope this is ok... :) And also Note... I don't draw robots, vehicals and scenery yet... still not good at it... :P

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